I specialize in international relations, with an emphasis on how the international community affects democratization.  I have looked at why coup leaders hold elections; at sanctions and the fate of leaders; at the role of aid in liberalization; at whether “electing friends” – states siding with the candidates running for office in other countries – works.   Part of my work involves survey research, experiments (natural, survey- and field- ones), and geo-coded data.  I have helped create NELDA, an original dataset on elections and democracy.  I received my BA from the American University in Bulgaria and a PhD in Political Science from Stanford University.  Previously, I have held faculty positions at the University of California at Los Angeles and at Yale University.  At present, I am a faculty member of the Department of Social Science at the University of Mannheim, Germany.

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 Under review

“Foreign Aid, Human Rights and Democracy Promotion: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”  (with Allison Carnegie)

Full-text | Cite | Presentation

“Can Outsiders Change Minds on Domestic Freedoms? An Experimental Approach”

Full-text | Cite | Presentation

“Do Public Fund Windfalls Increase Corruption? Evidence from a Natural Disaster” (with Elena Nikolova)

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Working Papers

“Does Social Media Promote Civic Optimism? Evidence from a Field Experiment” (with Florian Foos, Lyubomir Kostadinov and Frank Schimmelfennig)

“Foreign Support and the Electoral Performance of Candidates” (with Milan Svolik)

“Process or Party? Explaining Foreign Interventions in Democratizing Countries”

“Infidels or Heretics? Sanctions and Human Rights Treaties” (with Daniela Donno)

“Political Oppositions and Security Alliances” (with Andrea Ceron)





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