Floods and Corruption

work with Elena Nikolova

What happens to funds provided to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters?  In this project, Marinov joins with an economist Elena Nikolova to ask a question about the most corrupt country in the EU, from which he hails.  The conclusion is, politicians steal it, thereby feeding into a vicious cycle of corruption.  

A link to the working paper is available from SSRN here

На български, превод на основната статия можете да изтеглите оттук- благодарим на Юмер Коджаюмер за превода и на Ружа Смилова за съдействието.  Ползвайте с английската, за достъп до Таблиците и картите.

English-language supporting materials for the publication include:

  1. Chronology of the floods;
  2. The Bulgarian National Audit Office summary of the audits and infractions;
  3. A table with the different infractions uncovered by the The Bulgarian National Audit Office.

Additional materials such as watch dog reports and media coverage, here (in Bulgarian)

The paper has been accepted for publication at Comparative Political Studies.  

A link to the an ungated submission, including the online appendix, can be found here.

Link to the publication