SPSA Austin 2019

Event date: 
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 23:00

2019 - 90th Annual SPSA Conference JW Marriott 110 E Second St Austin, TX 78701 United States


SESSION DETAILS: CWC15: Internal Conflict Popular foundations of the rule of law Joseph Warren, University of California, Berkeley (jwarren@berkeley.edu); Conspiracies As a Strategy of Political Communication Nikolay Marinov, University of Houston (niki.marinov@gmail.com); Forming States: The Political Advantages of Weak Groups Brenton Kenkel, Vanderbilt University (brenton.kenkel@vanderbilt.edu); Jack Paine, University of Rochester (jackpaine@rochester.edu); Political Disagreement and State Sovereignty Michael Hutchins, Freddie Mac (Mikehut@deerbridgepress.com); Discussant: Kristopher Ramsay, KRAMSAY@PRINCETON.EDU, Princeton University Chair: Scott Tyson, styson2@ur.rochester.edu, University of Rochester


SESSION DETAILS: 'Big Data' Approaches to Propaganda, Autocracy and Cyberattacks Autocratic Propaganda in Comparative Perspective Brett Carter, University of Souther n California (blcarter@usc.edu); Erin Carter, University of Southern California (erinbaggott@gmail.com); Cyberattack Initiation Lance Hunter, Augusta University (lahunter@augusta.edu); Craig Albert, Augusta University (calbert@augusta.edu); Eric Garrett, Augusta University (egarret@augusta.edu); Online Activism: What Social Media Analysis Reveals About Justice Mobilization for Syria Nitin Agarwal, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (nxagarwal@ualr.edu); Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (eric.brahm@gmail.com); The Propaganda Value of Refugees Nikolay Marinov, University of Houston (niki.marinov@gmail.com)


SESSION DETAILS: Oversight: Congressional Hearings and Agency Communications Chair: Kenneth Lowande, lowande@umich.edu, University of Michigan Discussant: Kenneth Lowande, lowande@umich.edu, University of Michigan Discussant: Jason MacDonald, Jason.MacDonald@mail.wvu.edu, West Virginia University Activist Hearings Involving Agencies Janna King Rezaee, USC Price School (janna.king@usc.edu); The easy button: Congressional communications with the United States Special Operations Command Zachary Griffiths, United States Military Academy (zachary.griffiths@usma.edu); Legislating Coercion: Congress and the Foreign Policy of Sanctions Nikolay Marinov, University of Houston (niki.marinov@gmail.com); Presidential Administrations and Agency Communications John Brooks, Auburn University, Montgomery (jbrook30@aum.edu); Nicholas Howard, Auburn University - Montgomery (nhoward8@aum.edu)


SESSION DETAILS: CWC15: Conflict Elite Polarization and Pro-Regime Militia Formation in Civil Wars Ammar Shamaileh, Franklin & Marshall College (ammar.shamaileh@ fandm.edu); Investment in the Shadow of Conflict: Globalization, Capital Control, and State Repression Mehdi Shadmehr, University of Chicago Harris School (mshadmeh@gmail.com); Prohibition, Theft, and Violence: Exchange in Illicit Markets Kristopher Ramsay, Princeton University (KRAMSAY@PRINCETON.EDU); Colin Krainin, Princeton University (colinkrainin@gmail.com); Brendan Cooley, Princeton University (bcooley@princeton.edu); Reputations in International Conflict and Cooperation Ekrem Baser, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (baser2@illinois.edu); The Dark Underbelly of Hearts and Minds Todd Lehmann, University of Michigan (tlehmann@umich.edu); Jessica Sun, University of Michigan (sunjs@umich.edu); Scott Tyson, University of Rochester (styson2@ur.rochester.edu); Discussant: Nikolay Marinov, niki.marinov@gmail.com, University of Hou ston Chair: Brenton Kenkel, brenton.kenkel@vanderbilt.edu, Vanderbilt University